How to Choose Nail Polish According to Skin Color

Of the many nail polish colors, which one is your favorite? Are the colors dark? This is common, maybe because the dark color always makes any color around it look brighter. But in addition to black, it turns out there are other colors that can optimize the appearance of your skin color. To get the best quality nail polish at a cheap price, you can visit our website and see our wholesale nail polish.

Before buying new nail polish, try to see how to choose nail polish according to your skin color:

– Bright or white skin in blue

Owners of skin with very low pigmentation have the appearance of pale skin. For that, you should not fight with striking colors if you do not want to look like a sick person. But also don’t use nude colors. Use natural colors like navy blue or light pink fuschia as your basic nail polish to make it look fresh.

– Ivory white use magenta color

Dare yourself to wear unusual colors like orange or magenta. Your skin tends to be easy to choose the color of nail polish. Besides being not too pale, you also have a little reddish pigment that makes it look bright. Avoid colors that are too close to blood red if you do not want to look over. You need a little calm color to neutralize the reddish color of the skin.

– Fair skin select a bluish-gray color

This skin color is very common in Asia. Asian skin, in general, tends not to be too bright but also not too dark. Use colors with the same properties, aka not too old and not too dark. For example, purple or bluish-gray. If you still want to use red, choose a red tone slightly higher than a bright red color. Purple derivatives are still safer for olive skin.

– Brown skin with Tosca color

The darker the skin the easier it is to find the appropriate nail polish color. The reason is that any color used by dark skin will look bright and prominent. So you don’t need to worry about looking pale. Only one color you need to avoid is brown. Colors that are very similar to your skin will give a dull impression. Use lighter colors such as Tosca or blood red. If you are a lover of dark colors, navy blue or maroon are still okay.

– Dark brown skin with aqua color

Still based on the same rules, the darker your skin should use the lighter polish colors. Colors like yellow, light blue, aqua and turquoise will stand out on dark brown skin. You just need to avoid the dark brown color. If you are curious to use the color brown, choose shades of chocolate that are close to orange so that the surrounding skin color will look bright. Avoid light brown and nude colors because it can have a dirty effect on your skin.

You can also find other nail polish recommendations by visiting our website now. There are so many choices of nail polish colors that you can try to find out if the color suits you or not.