How to Strengthen Nails

Are your nails brittle and break easily? Changing some daily habits can make a big difference. Care for your nails carefully, eat lots of nutritious foods, and try some amazing tricks that will make your nails grow strong and fast in a short time. To beautify your nails, you can use nail polish from wholesale nail polish.

Run a Healthy Nail Care Routine

Trim nails regularly. If you allow your nails to grow long, uneven, and rough, it is possible that the nails can break and brittle. Your nails are very similar to hair – without regular maintenance, the tips of your nails will become brittle. Cutting nails regularly is one important way to help nails stay strong. Trim your nails with a nail clipper or nail clipper – not a regular clipper or other cutting tools. And make sure the nail clipper or nail clipper is sharp. Don’t cut your nails too short. Cutting your nails too short can make your fingertips prone to hangnails (separate small skin on the edge of the nail from the cuticle) and infection. Leave a little white edge at the tip of the nail.

File your nails the right way. Sawing nails with a sawing motion is one of the most damaging ways because it can damage the nail fibers. This can completely tear down the entire nail, not just the tip! To file your nails properly, use an emery board to file your nails and slowly move the tool in the same direction, not with a back and forth motion like sawing.

Be careful when cutting cuticles. Some people like to cut the entire nail cuticle, but this can make the skin under the nail susceptible to infection. Instead of cutting the cuticle, it’s better to soak it and then carefully push it using the cuticle pusher. Thus the cuticle will disappear when you paint your nails, but still, protect the nail from being infected with bacteria. First, soak your nails in warm water for 5 minutes. Add a little oil if you want. Use a cuticle booster to push the cuticle to the bottom of the nail. Don’t press it too hard, and don’t force it. Do not tear or damage the cuticles.

Use oil or lotion to moisturize your nails. If your nails tend to be dry, then using oil or lotion is a way to moisturize and strengthen it. Apply lotion every time you take a shower. You can also apply lotion on your fingers before going to sleep, so your fingers and nails will become damp the next day. The following are some moisturizing products that will help your nails become strong:

Aloe vera
Chia gel
Olive oil
Coconut oil
Argan oil
Castor oil
Almond oil
Jojoba oil
Tea Tree Oil
Shea fat
Chocolate fat