How to Choose a Nail Polish Color

Do not let you choose a nail polish that makes your style of dress fails to show a statement, or contrary to your clothes. In addition, combining nail polish that does not fit the clothes will make you look very bad. To avoid this, follow these tips that will match your dress style with suits that are colored accordingly. You can get the best nail polish on wholesale nail polish.

– Red

Use standard red or dark colors with black clothes. Both casual shirts and formal black dresses will look harmonious with this color. Pair red nail polish with jeans. In general, choose a darker color than a light color when you use nail polish. Wear enough white. White shirts with red nail polish work well together, but if you wear too much white, your appearance will be too flashy. Add some accessories. Red nail polish looks good with diamond, pearl or silver earrings. You can also choose gray or black accessories like a headband.

– Pink

Pair the neon pink with simple clothes. Choose black, gray or white alloy.
Pair the opaque pink with anything. This color looks attractive with patterned clothes because it can show your nails without taking people’s eyes off the clothes. This color is also a good alternative to neutral colors like light brown. Avoid combining bright pink nail polish with brightly colored clothes. You will look strange, not stylish. Neon pink does not match red, glowing colors, or metallic colors. Don’t use pastel colors if you use pink nail polish. If you want to use pastel clothing, use a more striking nail polish color. Use lilac or sky blue.

– Appear Brave with Blue

Pair dark blue nail polish with metallic clothes. Gold or silver clothes will look good with dark blue nail polish.
Pair the cobalt color with a tangerine-colored dress or shirt. Beyonce looked very attractive when she first appeared after giving birth in a tangerine dress and cobalt blue nail polish. Try teal colors. Alternatives to this standard blue can be combined with white and silver clothing. Try sky blue. Sky blue looks attractive in white clothing, especially if you add sky blue jewelry to draw attention to the color.

– Yellow

Pair the bright yellow with light gray clothing. Pair the faded yellow with white clothes. Pair gray clothes with yellow nail polish. A good combination is all kinds of gray pants, white tops, and yellow headbands that are in tune with the colors of yellow nail polish, and a pair of white or silver earrings.